And the Light it Blinds my Eyes

Fitting lyrics. Last year around this time I had the flu something fierce, 105+ fever, all of that. It was the last time I had listened to the album. This year it was while trying to lull myself to sleep. I’m supposed to be resting to recover from my concussion but it’s so hard to get comfortable enough to get to sleep in the first place.

Basically it boils down to that Farmers told me they would pay off my car and give me the difference between what I owed on it and what it was “worth”. Of course what their book value says has nothing to do at all with what it would cost to replace it. Part of the conversation went as so…

me: Yeah, I get that’s what your calculator says but that doesn’t take into account the low mileage, great condition and all of the options.

Farmers agent: Well we base the value on the condition of the car and there was some wear and soiling on the interior of the car

me: That would be my blood and broken glass from when the guy you insure HIT MY CAR AND ALMOST KILLED ME AND MY KID.

This was not the worst conversation Inhave had with them in the last two weeks. Today was a gem…

me: Yeah, you guys told me Friday that you’d be paying off my car and giving me the money…

Farmers agent: Yes, I see the payments went out Friday. They should arrive in 7-10 business days. It would have been a lot faster if you had signed up for the direct deposit.

me: I did sign up for the direct deposit. The day of the accident after I got home from the emergency room.

Farmers agent: Oh. I see that you did. Did you sign up for it online?

me: Yeah. Right after you sent me the email saying to sign up for direct deposit.

Farmers agent: Oh. That happens sometimes. Not sure why.

Me: while we are on the subject, leaving me without a car that I have to continue paying for and taking my rental car back 7-10 business days before you actually pay off my car is not an enjoyable experience.

Farmers agent: I’ve heard that before.

Me: eeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

At least my little guy doesn’t need surgery on his head. That was a huge relief of a crushing strain. Now there’s just 43,208 more follow up appointments with specialists, dentists, physical therapists, and etc.