Snow-verkill Day

When snow is falling it has a particular beauty to it. It seems to make the sky so much brighter and leaves everything fluffy and quiet as two or so inches fall upon everything. It’s the next foot of snow that is a major pain in my rump and lower back.

I got up early(ish) and made crepes. The kids took one look and said “what is that?” I said, “it’s a crepe. Like a French pancake. You put strawberries and whipped cream, or Nutella and bananas or whatever in it. They looked at me like my head was on fire and said, “no thanks, just a granola bar” (this is paraphrased as my 6 year old likes to shorten words and refers to them as “a granol” I don’t get it but I guess it’s what kids do)

I guess I’ll make Dutch babies or waffles tomorrow. Wacky kids. They also declared that they didn’t want to go outside and play in the snow because apparently no-school days equate to all-day video games and tv in their little minds. When we were kids it was all about playing outside until you get frozen and then come inside and play games. But when I was their age we had an odyssey 2. Not as exciting as having every console and arcade game available at your fingertips.