You’ve Got Mail 20 Years On

There are many things that have not aged well about the movie. Kids today that see the movie would want to know these things:

  1. Why does her computer make that weird noise when she checks her email?
  2. Why doesn’t she just check her email on her phone?
  3. Why don’t they just text each other?
  4. What is a bookstore?
  5. Why did they remake Sleepless in Seattle with the same actors?

Ironically, even if Tom Hanks had saved Meg Ryan’s bookstore, Amazon would have put them both out of business by now but then some astroturf trust fund kid would have reopened a bookstore in the old shop’s location except they would charge astronomical prices and give worse customer service. It would be as if Comcast opened a bookstore.

Still a cute movie though. Wifey insisted on watching it. My pick the other night when I made us watch a video game documentary. I am lame.