I worked all day. Tried to run a virtual Cub Scout meeting. My kid was super disrespectful. At least there’s apple crisp to look forward to and I got a trailblazers hoodie.

Happy birthday to me. And Eric Clapton, and MC Hammer, and Tracy Chapman, and Pete Holmes, and Norah Jones, and apparently Celine Dion, and Apparently John Astin is still alive and he is exactly 50 years older than I am. Also Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid in the Harry Potter films), and Chris Sale even though you are a douche for cutting all those jerseys when you played for the White Sox.

Birthdays are weird these days

I don’t know which is stranger, that my little guy turned 5 two days ago, or that I turn 40 two days from now. His party was pretty quiet in the age of social distancing. Mine will be non-existent.

Just stay safe and healthy out there.

Remember the Good Ol Days

When “you can’t afford to go to the hospital” meant that you didn’t have insurance or it was financially difficult to pay for – instead of “you’re going into what feels like a war zone where you’re far more likely to get sick”.


Has closed the lobby of all locations so that will people don’t get COVID-19 from coming in contact with another.

I guess food-poisoning-from-the-drive-thru is your only option.

Goodnight, Fuzzy Face

My cat passed away last night. He was 2 weeks shy of 12 years old. He gave up after a short battle with cancer.

Though he had plenty of faults he was a good cat. I will always remember how he wouldn’t leave the cable guy alone and curled up in his lap. Never aloof, he acted more like a dog than a cat.

Err Ferrce Ones

On the way to take the boys to Get Air so they can stop attacking each other and screaming in the house (and instead, let them yell in a large trampoline park) I heard Nelly’s Air Force Ones. It was kind of funny because I sang it when I ordered my AF1s last November but mine are way cooler than Nelly’s. Also, Haha. 10 1/2. Nelly has tiny little girl feet like my brother.

These are dope. Cannot ever wear them in the rain.

Today has been a long week.

The world health organization is suggesting that people only check the news for updates at preset times of day several hours apart in order to stop amping up anxiety.

I think Fox News owes everyone an apology. They don’t close Italy because of “the liberals”. The orange needs to stop patting himself on the back so hard as well.

I work with the elderly and disabled and I can tell you that they are scared. They are unsure if their home care worker (called a home health aid in other places) is going to show up at all – and if they do if they are going to get sick from it. This is uncharted territory in my lifetime. Be kind to each other.

March Sadness

I hate you coronavirus.

I mean, I completely understand why. It’s sucks that it’s happening. Be safe everyone.

Of course, it got worse and they cancelled the whole tournament, and then MLB said no more spring training, delayed opening day, the list goes on.

I’m really not enthusiastic about catching this thing. I’ve been the one warning people the whole time and it feels like everyone else just finally started paying attention.